Sarah King Photography

About Sarah

Sarah King's extraordinary artistic talent has made her the photographer of choice for world leaders and global corporations. In one single week, Sarah's covers for five separate publications dominated the newsstands.
Her range is wide, although she specialises in portrait work. It is her portrait of former prime minister John Major that now hangs at the top of the stairs leading to the White Room in one of the most famous addresses in the world - 10 Downing Street.
Sarah was chosen to be the resident photographer to the Conservative Party in the 1997 election, recording every step in the Major campaign. She captured all the moments of emotion and tragedy in one of the most dramatic British elections of the 20th century.
In a career spanning 20 years of top flight photographic commissions, Sarah has worked for organisations as diverse as
Country Life, IBM, Chase Manhattan Bank, New Society Magazine, The Sunday Times, The Times, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph, Radio Times, and the ultimate: Time Magazine. Sarah is versatile, making the subjects of her portraits instantly at ease, while capturing the charged atmosphere in sporting events, especially horse riding and yachting, two of her favourite occupations. A top sportswoman, who has raced across the Atlantic, she brings a competitor's eye and knowledge to her sports photography.
She also draws the unexpected from the world of business, having worked with Shell, BP and Wiggins Teape, among others, to bring a new dimension to their activities in images that live on in the viewer's mind.
Sarah King has a record of photographic achievement that is outstanding by any measure. Across the range she delivers high quality, professionalism and reliability.